We are building a school!
Join us!

In Haiti there are still a lot of children who can't go to school. Like in Dos-Lacour, a poor village in the centre of Haiti, situated in the mountains near the lake Lac de Peligre. There the children have no opportunity to go to school because there is no school. We want to change that.

We want to support the people in Dos-Lacour in cooperation with COOPLAC (Coopération des Pécheurs autour du lac, a self-help organisation in Haiti). Our first project is to build a new school for the upcoming school year.

The construction plan is already made and the helpers in Haiti are ready to go. All we still need are the funds for the building materials, some school materials and then the salary for three teachers, which are already teaching since October without payment . They entirely depend on the support from the village people, which themselves struggle for survival.

That is where we need your support. Help us with a little donation or become a member of our registered association. A little contribution from you here can have a great impact on the life of the children in Haiti.

The members of the executive committee of our association "Bildung für Haiti e.V" ("Education for Haiti") personally guarantee that all earnings will be exclusively used for the benefit of the children in Dos-Lacour.

Our association solely and directly pursues charitable and benevolent purposes. The funds of the association may only be used for statutory purposes. The association gets its funds from donations and membership fees. We are looking forward to hearing from you:

Telefon:+49 (0)176 / 51 72 70 81