About us

The registered association "Bildung für Haiti e.V." (Education for Haiti) was founded in August 2011 in Munich. It originated from a student initiative, started by Fritznel Römer. The purpose of the association is to support the education of the children in Haiti. Our first Project is to promote the construction of an elementary school in Dos-Lacour, whereas the emphasis is on the long-term employment and payment of the teachers.

Executive Committee


Fritznel Römer (Civil Engineering at TU Munich)

Vice chairman:

Aaron Schaal (Physics at LMU Munich)


Yordan Georgiev(Civil Engineering at TU Munich)

Recording clerk:

Christoph Vad(Civil Engineering at TU Munich)

Introducing ourselves

Fritznel Louis-Jacques Römer

Born 15th January 1988 in Haiti, grown up in Cange, Centre Part of his family lives in Dos-Lacour (his mother is from there) He spent all his school holidays in his beloved Dos-Lacour with his uncle


With 12 he was adopted by a Caribbean childless family living in Germany, because of his above-average school performance. The processing of the emigration to Germany took 4 years.


Until 10th grade in Cange, 11th grade on a private school in Port-au-Prince After his arrival in Germany, Lycee Jean- Renoir (a french school in Munich), 2007 Baccalauréat at the Lycee Jean-Renoir

Visit to Haiti 2011

After 7 years back to Haiti, visit of his biological family Concerned by the increasing misery (poverty, cholera)