Help for self-help

Elementary school in Dos-Lacour

We are convinced that people in need primarily require one thing: Tools which enable them to help themselves.

In an elementary school the fundamental interrelations between human and nature are taught. Without a proper understanding of these interrelations , it is difficult to step back from the daily fight for survival.

An elementary school is also an effective way to reach the whole family, which strengthens the community. This is especially important, because most problems (e.g. water management) can only be solved together. There are more than 50 children in Dos-Lacour and its surrounding area who want to go to school, but cannot. We want to change that.


We have friends on-site: The self-help group COOPLAC (Coopération des Pécheurs autour de lac). COOPLAC is a group of local men who want to face the problems of the region. Among their members are representatives of the district as well as friends and relatives of Fritznel Römer, who vouches for them. Among other things did they distribute relief goods in the region after the earthquake. They were thereby supported by self-help organizations in Cange.

Of course we will also be supported by the villagers of Dos-Lacour.